What makes Slovak cuisine?

Not an easy question. Probably not the right one. Ask a Slovak and they would be at a loss. They would possibly name one or two dishes at best.

Ask a foreigner who visited Slovakia, and they wouldn’t be at such a loss. They know that our cooking does not possess the hallmarks of high cuisine like the French, Italian or Japanese one. It is not so much about meals, ingredients or special techniques. What makes our food different is the way we like to share it with friends, family, neighbours and, above all, our guests.

So if you ask me what makes Slovak cuisine, I have a simple answer. To understand what lies at the heart of our cooking, you have to understand our people, their mentality, history and culture. It’s not as poor as we ourselves think. In fact, I have set up this site to prove the complete opposite.  I’m sure there will be plenty to show, share and enjoy.

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