Celebrating the first year in blogging

Yes, it’s been a year since Cookslovak was born into the blogging world. It’s not only the reason to celebrate, but also to have a look back at how the blog grew, both in size and the quality of material. While I can see the former from the number of published posts, it’s difficult for me to assess the latter, and that’s where your help would be much appreciated.

The idea behind Cookslovak was to bring you a taste of Slovakia – a small country that appeared on the map of Europe quite recently, compared to its bigger neighbours. My intention was not only to present traditional Slovak recipes, but also to give you an insight into our culture.

Did I manage to achieve this?
Have you learnt anything new from Cookslovak?
Is there a post on the site that you find particularly interesting or surprising?

To help you answer the questions, I’ll take you on a short journey around the blog’s recipes. And because it’s time to celebrate, why not start on a sweet note?


Which of the desserts above have you tried?
Which one would be your top party choice? 

If you can’t imagine your day without a good soup or stew (as most Slovaks can’t), have a look at the selection below:

Soups and stews

Which of the photos above make your mouth water?

The main meal of the day in Slovakia is lunch, which usually comes between noon and 2pm. Here is what you can expect to get:

Main dishes

Which of the main dishes above do you think is quickest to make?

I can’t start my day without a good, satisfying breakfast. What’s more, I need to have something small to eat in between meals as well. If you have the same eating habits, you may find some inspiration here:

Snacks and breakfasts

Which of the ideas above would be your healthiest choice?

Although it’s not exactly the time for preserving garden produce, the recipes below may come in handy in a few months:


Which of the preserves above would you like to try this year?
What do you usually preserve in your country?

There’s much more on Cookslovak than recipes though, so feel free to browse through its contents if you have a minute to spare. And let me know what you think.

Looking forward to your comments and suggestions for improvement:-)

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