Valentine’s Shishki

Unlike in most western countries where Shrove Tuesday is celebrated as a Pancake Day, in Slovakia Fašiangový utorok is associated with doughnuts or šišky (pronounced as shishki), as we call our little doughnuts in Slovak. Shrove Tuesday is a religious name for the last day before Lent, a fasting season that starts on Ash Wednesday and lasts until Easter. Shrove … Continue reading Valentine’s Shishki

Roast Pork with Steamed Dumpling & Red Cabbage

This is a classic dish that has a strong affiliation to Czech cuisine, and reflects the long history we shared as peoples of one republic - the former Czechoslovakia. Despite living in two independent states now, the Czechs have remained faithful to our Halushki with Bryndza Cheese or traditional Slovak cheeses, and we, in turn, can't live … Continue reading Roast Pork with Steamed Dumpling & Red Cabbage

A Taste of Slovakia shortlisted for 2018 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

Although it wasn't my top Christmas present this year, the message that landed in my inbox a couple of days ago made my heart sing with joy. Here is what it said: 'The Gourmand World  Cookbook Awards are delighted to announce that A Taste of Slovakia is the winner selected to represent Slovakia in the … Continue reading A Taste of Slovakia shortlisted for 2018 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

Crispy Ginger Cakes or Zázvorníky

It's sometimes very difficult to translate the names of our most traditional cakes into English, and the one below is no different. I've spent more time trying to find the best possible name for this recipe than actually writing it. Gingerbread didn't sound right because it's closer in taste and texture to what we call perník in Slovakia … Continue reading Crispy Ginger Cakes or Zázvorníky