Opekantze with Ground Poppy Seeds and Honey

I'm busy working on the third book of A Taste of Slovakia series, which will include lots of Christmas recipes and traditions linked to my country's winter season. It's going to be a very rich volume packed with fascinating photos, folk tales and, of course, timeless dishes - like opekance. Opekance (pronounced as opekantze) are … Continue reading Opekantze with Ground Poppy Seeds and Honey

Valentine’s Shishki

Unlike in most western countries where Shrove Tuesday is celebrated as a Pancake Day, in Slovakia Fašiangový utorok is associated with doughnuts or šišky (pronounced as shishki), as we call them in Slovak. Shrove Tuesday is a religious name for the last day before Lent, a fasting season that starts on Ash Wednesday and lasts until Easter. Shrove Tuesday traditionally … Continue reading Valentine’s Shishki


Here's a recipe for šišky (shishki) or Slovak doughnuts, a festive food typically prepared in our households on Shrove Tuesday. Although they are primarily associated with the Fašiangy season, we like to eat shishki all through the year. They are sold under this name in all Slovak grocery shops and supermarkets. Shishki Makes 28 (depending on … Continue reading Shishki