My name’s Jarmila and I come from Slovakia. Don’t know where that is? Well, I wouldn’t be surprised. This small country that I call my home is quite young. More precisely, it was born (or reborn) in 1993, a few years after the Fall of Communism in Czechoslovakia. Now, you might have a vague idea where to look for it, right? Still not sure? Here’s a few more pointers:

  • this young democracy sits in the heart of Europe
  • is surrounded by big countries like Poland, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic and Ukraine
  • is often confused with Slovenia, another European country over 600 km further down to the south-west

Now that you can pinpoint it on the map, would you want to know a little more about Slovakia? Here’s a sample of what you can find there:

Beautiful countryside

Exquisite crafts

Merry people

Home-made food and exciting drinks

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