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  1. Hello Jarmila.

    I live in Australia and it’s coming to a mushroom season in June/july. I would appreciate some hints or recipes ( in Slovak or English) for using “RYDZIKY” as the main mushroom. Rydzik is not considered in Australia as edible fungi, but we still consume them. Mainly we just fry them on a bbq. plate with touch of salt and pepper. Or we pickle them with onion and vinegar sauce. I would love to learn some other, full on recipes for use of this magnificent mushroom. Thank you

    regards, Robert.


    1. Hello Robert,
      it’s great to hear from Slovaks living abroad who still return to the tried & tested old recipes. Yes, you’re right about the mushroom season, it peaks between May – August in Slovakia, but I also know people who find tasty, edible mushrooms outside of this period.
      As for the ‘Rýdziky’, you may find a lot of cooking inspiration here:
      I don’t normally go mushroom picking, but my family are enthusiastic pickers, so we always have some at home. We use them in scrambled eggs, soups and quite a few main dishes. Last summer I did pickled ‘Kuriatka’ and that was a real delicacy.
      I will certainly be bringing more recipes with fresh or dried mushrooms over the coming months.
      Thanks for a great idea!
      All the best


      1. Thank you for your query, Pam.
        If you live in the USA, you may want to look here:
        In Australia, the book is available here:
        In the UK, ‘A Taste of Slovakia’ can be bought at or ordered from
        If you live in the Czech Republic or Slovakia, these are the places to look at:
        And if you prefer to have a copy or copies of the book delivered to your postal address, please write me a private message at and I’ll ship the book(s) to you via Registered Slovak Mail.
        Looking forward to hearing from you,


  2. Thank you again, Jarmila. Yesterday my wife Jarmila and I went to the Mt. Crawford Forest in the Adelaide Hills and in a short time we’ve picked basketfull of rydziky. There was so many, that we picked only the young, fresh, hard ones. I’ve read the link you have sent me and can’t wait to try some of the great recipes.
    I will let you know, how it all went.

    regards, Robert and Jarmila.

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  3. Hello again, Robert & Jarmila,

    I thought you might be interested to have a look at the book about Slovak cuisine I published recently. ‘A Taste of Slovakia’ also sells in Australia, and there’s a whole chapter on mushrooms. The person to contact is
    All the best,


  4. A message for Steve P.:
    Hi Steve,
    you contacted me recently about the cookbook and I replied to your original e-mail, but it bounced back as undelivered. I don’t know what went wrong, as it doesn’t normally happen with other messages, so I’ve decided to put my answer to your query here.

    You can buy a copy of ‘A Taste of Slovakia’ here:

    Or I can send it by Registered Slovak Mail to your postal address. For customers from outside of Slovakia I use PayPal as a payment method. If you have another e-mail address, please try using it to contact me for more details.
    Hope this will help.
    All the best,


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