Chickpea Soup with Root Vegetables

When I was a child growing up in the socialistic Czechoslovakia, there were no fresh vegetables available during December, January and February. Our fields and gardens were covered in snow and the temperatures stayed below zero for the better part of winter. There were no imported or indoor-grown vegetables in the winter months either. Instead, … Continue reading Chickpea Soup with Root Vegetables

Pork feasts are part of the Slovak Fašiangy season

If you visit Slovakia in January or February, the chances are that you'll get to see one of our Fašiangy carnivals. They take place all around the country, but their form may vary from region to region, sometimes even from village to village. Despite the low, often sub-zero temperatures, most of these winter carnivals are … Continue reading Pork feasts are part of the Slovak Fašiangy season