Winter recipes to boost your immunity – and spirit

There’s a lot we can do to help our bodies fight bacteria and viruses. With the temperatures dropping below zero and the COVID pandemic raging around the world, it is more important than ever to protect ourselves and our dearest from the harm.

Vitamins, minerals and other food supplements certainly play a role in our diets, and many of us take them on a regular basis these days. But did you know that good homemade food packed with natural nutrients and love can do wonders? The warmth and comfort of a simple, wholesome meal, especially when it is prepared and brought to you by a caring hand, has surprising healing effects on your mind and body. 

So here goes a few recipes I have chosen to help you get through the cold and gloomy winter months. It’s no surprise that three of them use sauerkraut – a food staple considered the best natural source of vitamin C in our latitudes.

Click on the recipe title for more details:

Delicious Sauerkraut Soup

Kapustnica or Sauerkraut Soup has many variations which reflect regional but also family preferences. Unlike most other recipes, this one is meatless, so it can be happily incorporated into your vegetarian or low-fat diet.sauerkraut soup

Chicken Braised in Beer

Dark beer makes for a wonderful cooking ingredient, and together with sauerkraut and smoked bacon it adds an exciting flavour to this chicken roast.chicken braised in beer 1

Baked Lentil Loaf on Caramelized Sauerkraut

A tasty combination of baked lentils and oat flakes served on a bed of caramelized sauerkraut. Sustaining and gluten-free.lentil loaf 2

Pancakes with Včelovina

Včelovina™ is Slovakia’s deluxe mead definitely worth trying on your future travels to the region. If you can’t get Včelovina in your country, look for a quality local mead.pancakes with vcelovina

Sweet Immunity Boost

A very simple concoction that stands on premium quality honey, locally grown apples and freshly grated ginger. 

sweet immunity boost

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