Banana No-Bake Minicakes

As I wrote in the previous post, these little cakes are my family’s favourites for the Silvester buffet. You only need 4 ingredients to make them, yet you’re sure to have lots of fun alongside.

I have checked the availability of baby biscuits on the Internet, and it seems they can be bought quite easily around the world. Their shape and formula may change from country to country, but I assume they’re all made from top quality ingredients, as they are meant for babies. Whether for babies or not, we use them in quite a few desserts in my country, especially no-bake ones.

Baby biscuits are a vital ingredient for quite a few Slovak desserts

As for the chocolate icing, we in Slovakia prefer margarine to butter. There’s a specifically designed margarine brand on the market, which makes the icing set very well.

Banana No-Bake Minicakes
Makes about 50

2 bananas (overripe or leftover are fine)
200 g small round baby biscuits
100 g dark or cooking chocolate, broken to pieces  
50 g butter or margarine
50 cocktail sticks or toothpicks


Prepare the chocolate icing by melting the chocolate and the butter or margarine over a medium-low heat.* Stir until the mixture is smooth and shiny, then put aside.

* I make my chocolate icing by melting and combining the two ingredients in a steam bath, as seen in the pictures below:

Slice one banana and put each slice in between two baby biscuits. Fix in place with a cocktail stick passed through the middle.* Dip in the melted chocolate and stand on a piece of parchment to let the chocolate set.

* Although the baby biscuits are quite hard at first, they will soften nicely when covered with the chocolate icing.

Repeat the same procedure with the other banana. If you find the chocolate icing too thick to work with, reheat it gently to make it loose again. This is where my steam bath comes in handy.

Let the minicakes stand at room temperature for an hour or two, preferably overnight. This will not only allow the chocolate to set, but also penetrate through to the banana and soften the biscuits.

Banana No-Bake Minicakes

The end result is a simple, yet wonderful combination of flavours soaked in each little bite that melts in your mouth.

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