Looking back at 2016

There are events in our calendar that will repeat themselves with unfailing regularity year after year, though no two of them will ever feel the same. Silvester, which is what 31st December is named in the Slovak calendar, is no exception. No matter how many Silvesters I’ve lived through, the end of year never ceases to surprise me with new finds.

Although it hasn’t been the best year on the international level, the 2016 has brought a lot of positive things for my family and friends. We haven’t lost anyone, yet we welcomed a few new-borns. My eldest daughter got engaged, the younger one successfully weathered an exceptionally difficult time in her professional life, our son finally found his true vocation.

On a personal level, it’s been a very productive year. At long last, I managed to gather enough resources to publish A Taste of Slovakia – my first book, which started selling at a few bookshops around Slovakia and a couple of other venues.

I have also shipped a few copies outside Slovakia and some buyers took the book as far as the USA.14853257_792910467518236_2125715740930297910_oAll through the year and especially during the book completion I was fortunate enough to meet passionate and supportive people, many of whom have become friends.

Thanks to you, my dear readers and fans, Cookslovak website continued growing and attracting more views. I’m extremely grateful for all your likes, comments and the positive energy you’ve brought on board.

Looking back at 2016, these top five posts have most frequently caught your attention:

1. A Taste of Slovakia

a taste of slovakia, bryndza

2. Exploring Liptov

Liptov - cottage

3. Let’s dance!

men's traditional costume

4. How to make ‘halushki’

making haluski 1

5. Slovak Sour Potato Soup

sour potato soup 1It’s been really great to have you around. I hope you’ll stay with me next year and I promise not to disappoint 😉

Have a happy and peaceful 2017!

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