A Taste of Slovakia made it to The Best in the World

Fantastic news has just arrived from Yantai, China, where the annual Gourmand Awards Ceremony took place on 26th May 2018. A Taste of Slovakia book, which had been chosen by Gourmand International to represent Slovakia at this prestigious world cookbook awards, was named second best in the Eastern Europe Category.

Although it was a self-published book, A Taste of Slovakia is far from a work of a single person. Historians, small farmers, food and drink experts, as well as family and friends all contributed to the book’s contents with professional advice, photographs, skill or simply their free time. All these efforts were then brought to a higher level by graphic designer and photographer Jana Kollárová, and illustrator Andrea Leitnerová.

We did our best and were happy to bring into the world this first book about Slovak cuisine written in English, an achievement that had taken quite a few years to accomplish.

When we were invited by Gourmand International to enter A Taste of Slovakia into their competition, we couldn’t believe it at first, but did so in the hope that the book might help discover the food heritage of this little country in the heart of Europe.

What followed was beyond all our expectations. The book not only made it to the final shortlist, but attracted enough attention from the judges to be placed among The Best in the World.

Photo credits: http://www.cookbookfair.com

Although we couldn’t attend the award-winning ceremony in China, we have already registered A Taste of Slovakia into the Gourmet Gallery of the Frankfurt Book Fair later this year. We understand that a copy of the book will also be preserved in the Gourmand Book Center – the largest international cookbook library in the world, which opened a few months ago in Angers, France.

If you’d like to have a copy of A Taste of Slovakia on your kitchen shelf or a coffee table, see the list of places that sell it here.

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