Searching for A Taste of Slovakia

While walking around the Gourmet Gallery at the recent Frankfurt Book Fair, our guide told us that food and tourism are more closely entwined these days than ever before. As  the hunger for new holiday destinations is growing, so is the interest in local cuisines and traditional recipes.

If you’re planning to travel around Central Europe, you may want to visit this small country conveniently close to Vienna or Budapest airport in the south, and Krakow airport in the north.

Slovakia is a landlocked country surrounded by Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic. Surely you can expect to find traces of all these cuisines in Slovak cooking, but there’s something unique in our dishes that won’t fail to inspire a curious cook or satisfy a hungry traveller.

The first part of the book about multiple tastes of Slovakia is on sale in several places around Slovakia:

Visitors to Slovakia buy the book to keep memories of the dishes they have tried and places they ate them at. Others search for a copy of A Taste of Slovakia to take as a present to their friends and clients abroad.

Then there’s another group of fans, too, which has been growing in size lately. They are English-speaking descendents of the Slovaks who left their native lands in search of work and a better life back in the 1880s and onwards. Here is what they say about A Taste of Slovakia – Part 1, Summer book:

It is a treasure! I was going to give it to my granddaughter, who is a pastry chef, but I think I’ll keep it with my genealogy and that way the one who is most interested in our heritage will get the book too. Thank you.

I read the entire book, cover to cover, this weekend! The pictures are fabulous and made me homesick! I can’t wait to try the recipes!

I bought the book to have a piece of my homeland here with me, but also for my daughters who will cook from it one day. It’s a cookbook, travel book and history in one. I’m looking forward to the second book so much!

DSC_0242The work on the second part of A Taste of Slovakia is well under way. It will explore typical foods of the Slovak autumn, as well as our wines and liquors. And there will be more folklore, lots of pictures, and a little bit of history as well. If everything goes well, the book should be out in April 2019.

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