A Taste of Slovakia 2 is being born

It took longer than expected, but the second book of A Taste of Slovakia series is finally at the printers. Last week we went to see how the work was progressing and if it was up to the standards we’d set. Jana Kollárová, the graphic designer and a photographer, took a few pictures of the raw paper sheets and book covers for Cookslovak fans.

Photo credit: Jana Kollárová (www.janakollarova.sk)

While the first book brought glimpses of the Slovak summer and recipes that are naturally linked to it, the second book evolves around another of our four seasons – autumn. It features local staples Slovak cooking has always relied upon like potatoes, cabbage, pulses, grains and seeds, or nuts.

Photo credit: Jana Kollárová (www.janakollarova.sk)

You will find in it recipes for traditional dishes, like Tekvicová polievka (Yellow Squash Soup) and Plnená paprika (Stuffed Green Peppers), but also contemporary delights that have their variations in other European cuisines, like Mriežkovaný slivkový koláč (Criss-crossed Plum Pie).

Photo credit: Jana Kollárová (www.janakollarova.sk)

There is a separate chapter in the book devoted to Slovak wines, and you will also learn about our fruit spirits, borovička (juniper berry liquor) and Tatratea liqueurs.

Goose and Duck festivals, which start at the end of the summer and last until Christmas, also have their place in the book, as well as our hunting traditions and game specialities.

Photo credit: Jana Kollárová (www.janakollarova.sk)

As the first book, A Taste of Slovakia 2 will be spiral-bound for practical usage in the kitchen, but elegant enough to be presented as a gift or souvenir.

We are planning to introduce the second book to the public at a book-signing event in Artforum Košice bookshop in mid-September. If you want to come along and have a chat, please follow our Facebook page for more details.

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