The Best of 2018

Another year is drawing to a close, and here comes the time to give a brief review of what you liked best on Cookslovak. The 2018 has been a very good year on many levels. The website has attracted a few thousand more visitors than in 2017, got dozens of new fans and followers on Facebook, and the first ones on Instagram, which we joined back in July.

Now, what were the most popular posts in 2018? Here they go listed by the number of views they have received from you:

1. 10 delicacies to try in Slovakia

This was the first post published in 2018, and thanks to multiple shares on Facebook, it has also been the most viewed one so far. Seems that the world is curious about Slovak gastronomy. Or hungry for new delicious ideas?

2. Potato KugelDSC_0264

Vegetarian recipes don’t usually get much attention on Cookslovak, so I didn’t expect this one to be such a success. Apparently, it got widely shared too, but I have no clue as to where and who by.

3. Sour Cherry CakesDSC_0193

These cute little cakes are as simple as they look. I wonder if it was beer as one of the main ingredients that attracted so many views, or the photo itself? By the way, this was one of my first photographs for the book about the tastes of Slovakia.

4. Roast Pork with Steamed Dumpling & Red Cabbage

Meat dishes usually go down well with Cookslovak community, so I’m not suprised with this recipe’s success. I have also heard a few foreigners mention it with nostalgia.

5. A Taste of Slovakia made it to The Best in the World

Photo credits:

Yes, it did, and I’m extremely grateful to all of you for acknowledging it and helping to spread the word. It’s not easy to be a first-time author, and having had to publish the book myself was certainly a challenge, but it taught me a valuable lesson.

6. LetchoHungarian-style letcho is very popular in southern Slovakia.

A quick, simple dish to make, especially when our gardens brim with fresh vegetables in the summer. I hope English-speaking campers to Slovakia will find out if they haven’t already.

7. Steamed Buns with Cocoa and JamDSC_0032 (2)

One of my favourite dishes that has a breath of childhood nostalgia attached to it, so I’m glad you gave it due attention.

8. What Slovak and Italian cuisine have in commonbryndza posuch

I wonder how many Italians have read the article, and what their reaction was? It would be interesting to know what THEY think about our cuisine.

9. Quick-and-easy Bilberry Cakebilberry cake 2

The signature photo for the Cookslovak website piqued people’s interest in the recipe. If you give the cake a try on your visit to Slovakia, you’ll understand why.

10. Searching for A Taste of Slovakia

Photo courtesy of Marie Linke (

This being the most recent post of all mentioned in the list, I’m pleased to see it has made an impact. And it’s more than apt to end the 2018 with this title, as my search for new tastes of Slovakia is going to produce another book of recipes and stories in the coming months. I hope you will continue searching for them with me.

Have a happy and peaceful 2019!

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